Trainings and Classes that Specifically Address Depression

LifeForce Yoga for Depression workshops and LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Trainings, (520) 324-0840,

The Healing Breath Technique, (Sudarshan Kriya), The Art of Living Foundation, (800) 897-5913.

Richard Miller’s iRest Training, retreats, books and tapes, Richard Miller’s workshops, 707-823-5023

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, (800)288-YOGA (9642).


Good Practice CDs and DVDs

Weintraub, Amy, LifeForce Yoga® Audio Series: Breathe to Beat the Blues, LifeForce Yoga® Nidra, LifeForce Yoga® Bhavana, LifeForce Yoga® Chakra Clearing Meditation; Video series: LifeForce Yoga to Beat the Blues, Level 1 & Level 2,
Moderate: Journey into Yoga: A Moderate, heart-centered practice.
Gentle: Healing Yoga for Everybody: A gentle practice for injuries.
Kripalu Yoga Gentle, a beginners practice dvd.



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Springboard Studio, Philadelpha PA,

Dove Rosenberg, Yoga Teacher, Philadelphia PA,

Evergreen Counseling Associates, Chestnut Hill, PA,
Resiliency Center, Ambler PA,
The Prancing Peacock, Yardley PA,
Nourishing Storm, Harmony with Yoga & Food,

Palouse Mindfulness, MBSR 8-week online course,